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The main aims of the Quinninup Community Association are:

  • To promote and protect the interests of the community

  • To promote and protect the environment

  • To encourage social intercourse between members of the community

Why we have it and what it has achieved in the past.

The QCA was incorporated in 1989, the original task was to prevent logging in the area to the right when you come off South West Highway and turn onto Wheatley Coast Road.  To this end numerous submissions were presented and in 1992 three walk trails were established and in 1994 the Eco module was put in place at the corner of Wallace Road (this structure has since been removed and the information panels erected beside the Post Office).  A nine year moratorium was given which, as good fortune would have it, brought it right up to the time that the area was declared a National Park.​

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Most of the facilities in the township were initiated by the QCA, they are listed below.

  • Westrail bus service calls in when requested;          

  • Postal Agency is conducted in one of the old school buildings, free of charge;

  • Public Telephone and Post Box installed next to the Fire Brigade Shed

  • Entry of Quinninup in the Postcode Book;

  • All sporting equipment and facilities provided by the QCA, lights for night tennis;

  • Library with in excess of 2000 books and access to WA Library services and DVDs, the library is  open whenever the Postal Agency is also on a Saturday morning, the State Library books are exchanged on a two monthly basis;

  • Lease of the old school buildings from the Manjimup Shire to house library, gym, history collection, Postal Agency and meeting room;

  • Lease of the headmaster’s house from GEHA for meeting rooms;

  • Annual Market Day was begun in 2001 to promote Quinninup in a more favourable light following bad publicity, it is now ongoing to pay for building maintenance and insurance; The organisation and promotion of this event involves numerous volunteers on the day and prior to the day. Distributing leaflets etc.

  • Liaison with Shire CEO and local councillor for open public meeting of residents to discuss matters of concern in the area;

  • Liaison with Government Departments about Karri Lake being returned to public use;

  • Maintenance and establishment of gardens with reticulation including the mowing of all grassed areas on a regular basis;

  • Walktrail maintenance, and publication of walktrail leaflets, checking that the information leaflet holders are kept filled; this includes the Lake.

  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter, updating our Facebook pages and webpage;

  • A volunteer is required to open up the buildings on a regular basis for inspection by GEHA personnel, Bell Fire Equipment, White Ant Inspection and booking of rooms and equipment hire and return;

  • Booking with the Shire for raffles in town twice a year, reserving advertising banners and other promotional materials;

  • The writing and research for grants for Market Day, ongoing equipment purchase and other associated clerical work.

  • Special recycling area established 2017 (e.g. batteries, Computer ink, halogen lamps and spectacles.  Items taken to the shire or Specs avers on a regular basis.

  • Receiving daily information from DFES via mobile phone text messaging with regard to the fire risk board and updating risk rating when necessary.

  • Supervise work for the dole and volunteer workers.

  • The QCA has accepted a contract from the Manjimup Shire to clean the public toilets twice a week.  This a fund-raising exercise that brings in excess of $3000 annually.  The task is done by volunteer QCA members on a weekly roster.  All cleaning materials are provided by the Shire

  • The Telephone tree which was started and updated each year to notify residents in the case of an emergency, e.g. fire threat evacuation, is now no longer practicable. This is due to an increase in homes being built for occupants who are only here on a temporary basis.

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