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The Quinninup Tavern

The Quinninup Tavern began its life as a Workers Club providing a bar and social life for the workers in the Quinninup Mill.  It was built at the same time as the houses which accommodated the mill management and workers' families.  When the mill was closed down in 1982, the town was sold to a residential developer who then on-sold the redeveloped blocks to private owners.  The Workers' Club was also sold and its life as the Quinninup Tavern began. 

It has been the social hub of the town for many years and the Friday Night Happy Hour was always a favourite with the locals.  Annual events such as Melbourne Cup Day, New Year Eve and Quiz Nights for the QCA were all held at the Quinninup Tavern.

It was a great shock and a devastating event for the town when the Historic Tavern caught fire in July of 2017 and burnt to the ground.  Several local volunteer fire brigades attended but because of its ferocity, could only stand and watch in utter disbelief as their favourite watering hole disappeared up in smoke.

But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Quinninup Tavern has been rebuilt and opened on 18th Oct 2019.  The new Tavern stands proudly in the centre of town offering back the social hub to the town residents and visitors alike.  It now has the advantage of being a beautiful new venue with stunning views of the forest and has a wide reputation for delicious made to order meals and icy cold beverages.  Come and have a looksee!

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