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Quinninup Weeds Action Group

A meeting of the Quinninup Weed Action Group was held in room 5 on Thursday 31st January 2019 with the aim of implementing the eradication of noxious weeds from the Quinninup area.

The meeting was hosted by Lee Fontinini from the Southern Forests Community Landcare (formerly Warren Catchment Council) and attended by seven residents.

Discussion was mainly about our successful application for money to help in our endeavours, a sum in excess of $14,000 will be administered by SFCL for us to purchase equipment to conduct Busy Bees and workshops for the benefit of the environment.

Equipment has been purchased it includes a trailer, chainsaw, tree loppers, chemicals and associated safety equipment for the eradication and disposal of weeds in the Quinninup area.

Reference books will be kept in the Quinninup Library and 2 persons will be trained in the safe handling of chemicals and one person will be qualified with a certificate of competency in chainsaw handling.

A weed booklet has been produced by the Group to help residents identify problem weeds in the area and can be obtained from the Library free of charge.

There will be three busy bees organised during the year, each one followed by a thank you barbecue.  We encourage residents to contact us about weeds they may have on their property so that we can identify and map areas to be treated.

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