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Update on Karri Lake

A meeting to discuss/amend/approve the latest attached design for works at Karri Lake/Quinninup Dam, is scheduled for Saturday 30th January 2021 at 10:00am in Quinninup Community Room 3.

If unable to attend, please contact with your response (if any) to the suggestions, prior to the date of the meeting.

As noted by the Shire:

· Location of the car park and trail is practically final, given site constraints;

· The beach area may be moved depending on any constraints imposed by the alternate location; *

· Location of the pontoon is a suggestion;

· Location of benches etc are just suggested and may be moved.

* this provision is somewhat confusing, seeing that the preferred location closer to the dam wall was approved by a previous meeting of residents with Shire and Water Corporation representatives. It does not seem logical to shift the beach further away from the carpark.

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