About Quinninup

A short 25 minute drive south of Manjimup or east of Pemberton, Quinninup is situated at the corner of the historic stock route to the coast which is now Wheatley Coast Road and the South-West Highway amongst giant ancient Karri forests.

Quinninup, in the local Aboriginal language, means the “place of Zamia Palm”

 The forest and bush land surrounding Quinninup offers a unique variety of flora and fauna and rare orchids only found in the forests of the South-West of Western Australia.

During the early periods, many families started farming various fruit and vegetables, grazing cattle and sheep as well as poultry and pigs….for a short period even growing and drying of tobacco was a thriving industry.

The excellent soils of the region combined with the high rainfall, moderate summers and cool winters has helped make this region today’s “food bowl” for Western Australia.

Today, many of the original families still farm though we are seeing growth in new sectors including tourism, wine, marron and recently black truffles.