St Earny's Homested

This building is significant as the farm homestead of early settler T.H. Parsons. The isolated settlement was selected in the 1870’s and is at the confluence of several tributaries of the Warren River.

It has also been associated with the Wheatley family and has a beautiful setting above a stream. The name derives from the Parish Church of St Erney Landrake Cornwall. A number of renovations have been made to the original mud-brick rooms.

To get to St Erney’s Homestead drive 6km north along Wheatley Coast Road out from Quinninup, turn left at Parsons Road. Follow this gravel track for approximately 2.2kms and you will arrive at the old mud brick cottage.

In 1910 three room were built with substantial pise walls with a verandah and entrance on the north and skillion rooms on the south. The latter were replaced in 1945 by a large timber extension of four rooms, verandah, toilet, bedroom and a glass enclosed verandah on the west.

In recent years the cottage has been rented with a family living in it until about 2000. Unfortunately, it is now is a state of disrepair.

St Erney’s is now on Department of Environment and Conservation land, set amongst state forest and pine plantation.


Return to Wheatley Coast Road via the same method along Parsons Road.

Take care on all roads in the area as they are regularly used by trucks and heavy machinery.