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Walk Trails 

We have 3 walk trails int he Quinninup area, select a trail below for more information.


King Karri Walk Trail 

The King Karri Walk-trail was established by Quinninup community members to protect this section of the State Forest  from logging.  The trail is in a pocket of “old growth” forest which has not been logged for over 50 years and contains some trees over 100 years old, which can be seen as you walk around the trail.  The forest nearby has been extensively logged and milled by the timber mill which was located in Quinninup.  Since the mill closed in 1982 the bulk of the logging has been carried out by the Pemberton based mill. 

The trail begins here on Wheatley Coast Road and climbs gently up to a T junction.  The Munda Biddi Bike Trail shares this section of the trail for a short time then branches off to the right, it rejoins the trail further up along the right hand  sect

ion, the trail may be walked in either direction.

There are many large karri trees and of special note is the King Karri Tree, a species known as a Shaggy Karri, mainly due to the appearance of the bark of the tree, unfortunately it has recently died. The tree was aged in excess of 400 years and had a height of 73m, the diameter of the tree was a substantial 3m. 

Karri trees are susceptible to termite attack and the inside of a tree may be eaten out quite substantially.  When a fire impacts a tree damaged by termites, the result is that the centre of the tree may be burnt out, but the tree still survives.  This can be seen in the example of the “Hollow Butt Karri” close to the King Karri tree. This  particular karri is aged at between 300 and 350 years and has a height of 63m and a girth of 2.5m.

There are benches along the trail where the full beauty of the forest can be contemplated.  Remember to dress appropriately for the climate and wear protective footwear, as at times there may be small branches across the trail. 

Total distance:                                3.1 kilometers.

Degree of Difficulty:                       Easy to moderate

Time to complete:                          1 to 1 ½ hrs


Lake Walk Trial

Karri Lake was formed by the damming of Little Quinninup Brook to provide a water source for the local residents.  Most of the path lies between the lake edge and private land and consists of varied vegetation of karri and marri  trees with an understorey of karri wattle, banksia  zamia palms and various wildflowers in season.

The walk has been created from some of the former railway lines or logging roads which were in existence when Quinninup was a mill town.   Seats have been placed on the lake edge for walkers to enjoy the vista of tranquil     waters and photography opportunities.  Below the dam wall and spillway is a permanent marsh area frequented by water birds all year round.

Dependant upon the time of the year, and the level of the lake at one area near the end of Karri Lane, the path may become slightly waterlogged, it is advised to wear suitable footwear at  all times as small

Total distance:                                4 kilometers.

Degree of Difficulty:                       Easy to moderate

Time to complete:                          1 to 1 ½ hrs


Orchid Walk Trail

Starting at the culvert in Karri Lane where the Little Quinninup Brook flows towards the lake, the path follows the brook through the karri forest and onto a more open sandy area where the Jarrah forest meets the Karri.  


This area is known for the variety of orchid species which flower during winter and spring under or nearby the banksias, dryandra, grevilleas and zamia palms.

There are two seats, the first located opposite a moss covered fallen log which hosts a colony of helmet orchids and the other on the sandy track where many hammer orchids flower.  Other orchids that may be found along or beside the walk are: Spider, Snail, Flying Duck, Bird, Pink Fairy, Slipper, Purple or Pink Enamel, White Bunny, and Lilac Sun.